Ongoing Education: An Alternative to Schooling

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Ongoing Education: An Alternative to Schooling


Techno Tutor what is it really? Genius kids and happy families

Melissa uses TechnoTutor for homeschooling her daughter. She uses TechnoTutor for about 20 minutes per day and she captured one of her recent conversations with Arya who is 4 years old. This shows what is TechnoTutor really about, how does it work especially with homeschooling.

For anyone who thinks Techno Tutor is a scam or just a dictionary, look at this. This is really caring for your child

Here is yet another testimonial that is in Melissa’s words:

Arya sees me reading a book.

Arya: are you learning something from this book?

Me: yes
Arya: can you read out loud so I can learn too?
Me: sure
…And so she sat there asking lots of questions so she could understand.
Using TechnoTutor has built her vocabulary and her ability to process new information at a faster pace.
She doesn’t get ”bored” from books with no images because she processes everything I am saying and her ability to understand is amazing!
And guess what?

Anyone can do this.. yes you can do it too, your kid can do it as well.

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Here is another example of how Melissa uses these tools from a Facebook post.

There’s no education quite like the one we can provide at home. We know our children better than anyone else, and we can support them in the best possible way. If you ever doubt whether you’re the most qualified person for the job, that’s when you should explore within yourself.

What beliefs or thoughts have created that limitation? But here’s the thing: We have the most incredible tools to help anyone break through those barriers.

When we support children in learning what genuinely interests them, it opens doors to incorporating other subjects seamlessly. Let me share an example: Recently, we dived into the world of architects and engineers. We explored the process of designing something we dreamed of bringing to life in physical form—so we decided to build a house.

First, we discussed design and the importance of following steps, like not attempting to build the roof before having a solid foundation. Next, we seamlessly integrated adding and subtracting concepts while exploring the 1:1 ratio. We delved into stability, learning how bricks come together to form a sturdy structure and understanding the materials involved, such as bricks, cement, doors, and windows—each with its unique role.

To facilitate the learning journey, we relied on an amazing tool called TechnoTutor. It helped us build vocabulary, process information more quickly, and deepen our understanding. And yes, we made mistakes—lots of them. We learned that building something from a blueprint involves both science and art. Just because it looks perfect on paper doesn’t guarantee perfection once it’s brought to life. Adjusting and adapting are natural parts of the creation process.

Through this experience, we’ve realized the significance of spending quality time together. It’s not just about building a house; it’s about building our relationship, strengthening our communication skills, and learning from each other. Surprisingly, Arya often came up with solutions I hadn’t considered, and sometimes I offered suggestions too.

Here’s the best part: Arya didn’t feel forced to learn math, reading, or science—she played, and the rest fell into place effortlessly. When we foster a love for learning and follow our passions, education becomes an exciting adventure where all subjects intertwine naturally.”

Arya is one of the kids in TechnoTutor with thousands of other families and individuals on the journey.

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