Secure Your Future With a Real Education

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Secure Your Future with a Real Education

No college degree will cut it anymore. Real education is what you can do and how you operate with the rapid pressures and demands of life pressing down on you.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, where knowledge and skills become outdated faster than ever, ongoing education has emerged as a vital tool for securing a successful future.

To navigate the dynamic landscape of the 21st century, individuals must equip themselves with continuous learning opportunities. Leveraging the power of technology, you can advance your skills, but ONLY if you have the vocabulary and comprehension skills.

The rate of change in the world presents an unprecedented opportunity of disruption and constant necessity of being able to change and grow to ensure a brighter and more secure future.

Tradition School is Broken

In case you’ve missed it, school is providing sub-standard outcomes. Reading rates have dropped drastically

Yet there are promising alternatives, specifically with the group of educators and the technology TechnoTutor, it’s no secret that this group is taking off as the superior method to standard schooling. What school is able to reliably produce results like these?

More information can be found here.

Knowledge and Skill Gap

One of the significant challenges in the job market today is the widening skills gap. Many industries require workers with specific expertise, which traditional education often fails to provide. No wonder there are so many adults graduating and not knowing what to do, now they’re in debt from student loans. It’s a mess.

Lifelong Learning as the Key to Securing Your Future

The concept of lifelong learning has gained prominence in today’s society, where knowledge has become a lifelong pursuit. In order to effectively facilitate ongoing education, if you’re going to go a different route than school which we highly recommend, you will need to have a plan to empower both an adult or a kid with a clear way of learning the WORDS necessary to succeed. And no, Duolingo or Quizlet will not work. Otherwise they would have more raving reviews. It’s just like a game to preoccupy your mind, and people with a great photographic memory will do OK, until they get into a profession where they are disrupted by AI.

It’s Time for Real Education Solutions

There are a few tools and resources recommended, and one of the expert educators of our world is Cameron Cope. He gives a great example of what real ongoing education looks like and how this can secure your future. This is taken from his Facebook.

Feeling happy and blissful, enjoying Life is ok. It is best, in fact. Just like, everyone having proper nutrition, proper education, etc is best. Though it is not a guaranteed right for most.
Neither is personal happiness. At the moment, though, we have a system that does not support most to be able to enjoy Life, because they don’t even have the basics to subsist.
Feeling satisfied, happy, feeling enjoyment, these are all good things and do not need to be suppressed. Justifying your decisions based on those feelings, though is NOT acceptable. Your decisions should be based on what will support the creation of a system that is Best for All.
I have discovered that there is great enjoyment, satisfaction, and happiness within that purpose. Some may not be able to, at the moment, stand within that purpose. That purpose requires a level of emotional stability that supports you to not waiver in your purpose when things get challenging (because they will.)
We are in a ruthless, brutal system. If you think you are going to ‘make a difference’ and not have to challenge that system and face the brutality of it, then you are mistaken. If you choose to stand up with us, then prepare yourself through establishing increasing levels of emotional stability. It is ok to fall, to make mistakes, as long as you are learning within that what to change within yourself to not make that mistake or to allow yourself through choice to fall into those same patterns again.
Interestingly, I have found that the more I focus on my purpose and the less on how I feel (as in making decisions in order to either NOT feel bad or in order TO feel good), but rather on whether what I am doing or saying is in alignment with my purpose and principles (regardless of how I am feeling in that moment, and yet being self aware and honest with myself about how I am feeling to discover where I am limiting myself or where I am accepting and allowing something that is not best within myself), the more I have done this, the more happiness comes, like a little bird that flies into a tree as I sip my morning coffee. It is there for a moment, and then it is gone. That is ok.
I don’t judge myself according to whether I feel happy. I judge myself based on whether what I am doing, saying, accepting and allowing will create a system that is best for all which will guarantee the right to happiness for all Life as a basic, minimum standard of existence. When Happiness can be taken for granted by all, then I will expect that I should be happy in each moment as well. Until then, I assume that my existence will be challenging as hell, and grateful for those moments of happiness.
I stop being greedy. I am grateful. I enjoy Life. I push myself beyond all my perceived limitations and I will do the same for you. Whether you like it or not. That is my gift to you, because it is what I want from you. I will give as I want to receive.
Without the Desteni Principles, I would still be lost in chasing a temporary feeling. With them, I have established within myself an unwavering dedication to standing up in this world and creating a system that is best for all (even if I don’t get to see the fruits of that in this lifetime).
Without TechnoTutor, I would not be able to, consistently, every day, GROW and redefine those words within me that I have lived in a limited, self-sabotaging way.
Without the Global Information Network, I would never have found the vocabulary to build Financial Stability and I would never have built my network to include the most dedicated, talented people that I have ever met. People who, like me, are willing to give up this one life to stand up and create a system that is best for all.
With Self Perfected, we have put all these groups/tools together to support people to move faster in their process (as fast as they can and are willing to) and to bring even more people to this Purpose, this Mission.
And we are just getting started.
Talk about real ongoing education tools. This is what is possible. This is how we can really guarantee a world where kids can grow up thriving. Check out the following resources if you want to continue your education.

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