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How does TechnoTutor work? See for yourself why thousands of families leave positive reviews. The purpose of this post is to share links so you can see all of the wonderful reviews of Techno Tutor, the software, the families that use the tools and how you can get involved if you want your ability to learn to increase!


Kevin Kingsley from Montreal Canada

Before using TechnoTutor I was all over the place with my mind lack of focus and concentration.

Just two weeks in my mind started shifting my focus and concentration like clock work.

I started making better choices in my life for the better. I’ve got a better job, my marriage is better and I am a better father. I also now have the confidence to start my own business and begin as an entrepreneur. I am so grateful for this community, the support and the mission of this group.

Now TechnoTutor is a must in my life it’s the X-factor.

Kevin K.
Montreal, Canada

Jude Poku from Jersey City

TechnoTutor has helped me achieve my goals and make more money

It has improved my communication skills, emotional stability, and inner peace

Using TechnoTutor has saved me years of learning and wasted energy, and I can see the cumulative effect building over time

How does TechnoTutor Work? In total – TechnoTutor has had a major positive impact on my life. It has helped me achieve my goals and make more money, while also improving my communication skills, emotional stability, and inner peace. The tool has saved me years of learning and wasted energy, and I can see the cumulative effect building over time. I am already much happier and more impactful because of it.

Adam Atroushi from San Diego California

Thanks to TechnoTutor my thought speed and ability to process information has gone up considerable amount.

Before TT, I had to force myself to read every day. It was like swimming upstream because when I would read I would have trouble paying attention, I would have a very challenging time processing the information, and I would read and then subsequently forget most of the information I would read about.

After doing over 90% of lesson 1, I have noticed huge improvements. Particularly, in my reading.

When I read, I am now able to process much more of the information. I understand more of what I read. This has resulted in me being able to increase the amount of pages I read everyday. I absolutely hate reading 1 page per day. Now, I can easily read 20 pages per day.

Another massive benefit is when I read, I actually remember what I read about! I am better able to internalize the information I’m reading and henceforth, apply it to my life. I notice, throughout the day, the concepts, strategies and skills that I read about pop into my mind when I need to apply them. This is amazing because knowledge is power, but only if you use it and remember it!

Finally, for the first time in my life, I notice that I’m actually having downloads. I know this is a direct result of my thought-speed increasing from TT. Prior to this, I would try to think about something, and I would get “stuck” and simply give up hard thinking. Now, when I have a question, I am able to think about it and the answer shows up!

This has been incredibly beneficial because in GIN, we have to internalize the basic concepts. Now that I am able to process the information from the basic books and ask myself questions and subsequently receive the answers, I have been able to finally internalize so much more of the GIN concepts, to the point where they are becoming things that are a “knowingness”

All of a sudden I am surrounded by people who have closed large business deals upwards of $3B.

This is the level I want to be at.

Adam A
San Diego, CA

Edwin Velasquez USA

Hello Edwin Velazquez Here

I just wanted to give you a part of my story about using TechnoTutor on a daily basis and how it’s changed my life for the better in so many ways I NEVER thought possible.

Since I was about 8 years old I got seizures due to emotional stress and trauma but as I got older it was just suppressed with pharmaceutical medicine which actually keeps you sick and slowly kills you and in 2015 the day after thanksgiving I got a minor glimpse of lupus and a year later on the exact day right after thanksgiving I actually got extremely sick and was in severe pain just to find out that I had a autoimmune disease and my body was attacking itself but here’s the beauty of purchasing TT and changing my life and CONQUERING all of my health issues that came from that.

So I had a fantastic friend a very special lady that entered my life in 2009 and has literally changed my life moving forward from that date always helping me to the fullest with endless researching and guidance to change my way of life (but you’ll hear the full story at a later date)

She is constantly challenging me to become a better version of myself and then she introduced me to TT in early 2021 and my life took a huge turn and I haven’t looked backed ever since.

How does TechnoTutor Work? Now ever since I purchased my TT kit I use it daily and apply it to my everyday life routine now since using TT and doing self forgiveness and D.I.P I no longer have seizures since last year (05-28-22)

I literally killed the lupus internally at it’s core (which isn’t curable) because I faced a lot of my childhood trauma due to the help of TT for helping me better understand myself and my emotions that I just locked away in the basement.

Now I’m literally living my best life got back into fantastic shape since 2019 and got back together with my friend who’s now my girlfriend once again but with principle within our agreement so now we hold each other accountable for all our decisions and actions as we aim to do what’s BEST FOR ALL (you’ll learn more about us at a later date stay tuned).

Yours Truly, Edwin V Jersey City, NJ

How does TechnoTutor Work?

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